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How to Support Justice in Haiti

Thank you for your interest in FAVILEK!

Our struggle for justice continues, and the need for us to raise awareness increases everyday. We recognize the importance of increased pressure applied to both national and international institutions who have the power to make justice a reality. Please join us in this struggle!

If you wish to support the efforts of FAVILEK, you may send a check to our post office box:

B.P. 19048
Port au Prince, Haiti


Also available:

Les Enfants du Coup d’Etat (The Children of the Coup d’Etat) $20

A 60 minute documentary in French chronicling the production of our original theater piece, “Ochan Pou Tout Fanm Yo Bliye.” This film focuses on the story of one particularly courageous FAVILEK member as she struggles with how to tell her son that his father was her attacker.

FAVILEK t-shirts $10

These t-shirts include an original design with the following text:
“Ti tak! Ti Gout! Ti tak nan vwa w ak ti tak nan vwa pam, Nou ka konbat vyolans kont fanm yo.”

Translation: “A little bit here, a little drop there. A little bit of your voice and a little drop of my voice together can fight violence against women.”

To make an order, please email (insert new email address).
International orders will include an extra charge for shipping and handling.

B.P. 19048
Port-au-Prince, HAITI
Tel: (509) 221 - 8686