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Theater For Action

In an effort to mobilize and educate for justice, we perform across the country our original theater piece titled “Ochan pou tout fanm yo bliye” (Tribute to all forgotten women). Through a combination of dialogue, monologue, movement, drumming and singing, we share our experiences as victims of political violence. The content includes graphic description of the suffering inflicted upon us during the years of military rule, and follows our lives as we have struggled to come to terms with the aftermath.


One especially poignant monologue is the true-life story of a woman (performed by herself) raising a child born out of rape. Our stories are disturbing, yet our message is one of building strength and demanding justice.

As a grassroots group of women from the poorest areas of Port au Prince, we rely on our limited resources and the medium of theater to tell our story and inspire increased activism nationally and internationally.

B.P. 19048
Port-au-Prince, HAITI
Tel: (509) 221 - 8686